I’m standing here (I stand to write, better for my back and for my fitness, especially after the Christmas food party I had with myself) writing book 4 and thinking about this coming year with some considerable excitement. I get to release all of my books and all of the music that I have worked on over these past years. 

A life’s work would be putting it a bit strong but I have certainly dedicated a fair portion of it to this world. 

The quartet charts the journey from teen years into adult hood. We watch our main protagonists Burt, Egg, Tea, Clipper and Bex grow from fifteen year old wannabees into twenty one year old superstars, all under that microscope of fame.

I won’t give away too much about book 4 but that exploration into what fame does to a young person, how it can twist and turn a person really interests me. Two of my characters have just had a chat about it. Just now. A talk that stemmed from a chat I had with one of my partners . We concluded that fame does change a person. It just does. Not necessarily into a bad person. I won’t give away why I think that. I will let the book do the talking but I am always genuinely interested in others view on this matter. Tweet me, reply me, message me. I always have an eye out for a good point of view. 


Have a look at the amazing landing page Amazon created for me.