What’s it’s all about Scallion?

I think it’s best to start off by telling you that my life has been one extensive research campaign for this book. My band Officer Kicks never reached the highest heights or else you would have heard of us right? We never headlined an arena tour or had a huge hit record but with my pals and partners The Scripts help I was able to see first-hand, fly on the wall style, what it’s like to be in a big band. This added an extra dimension of authenticity. I've seen the pressure, the fun and the lifestyle rock and pop stars enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I did experience an awful lot myself. I played Glastonbury, I supported bands on big tours. My band’s music was played on radio and we made videos that were shown on MTV. It was brilliant fun. 

Throughout, what I found most interesting were the interactions between me and my band mates. That’s what I wanted to explore when I started writing The Rock ‘n’ Roll Diaries. It really was like a four way marriage. It can be tough at times living in each other’s pockets, but it can for the most part be a right proper laugh. 

Writing from multiple viewpoints gave the book balance and objectivity. After all Singers, Guitarists, Bass players and Drummers are individuals with various characteristics. The singer in my book, Burt, is a bit of a knob head. My guitar player is a shy introvert, my bass player is relaxed and cool and the drummer is happy go lucky. 

I wonder what if you had to be in a band what would you want to be? Singer? Show of hands (comments, tweets). Guitar? Drummer? Bassist?

Along with The Script lads and a brilliant fella named Jim Barry we brought The RockAteers to life. One song that features quite heavily in the book captured people’s imaginations in particular. Some lyrics from the song below. 


Verse 1

Someone give me hope
Something I can see
Something I can touch
Something I can breathe


Give me all your satellites and all your stunted cigarettes
Give me life and give death and give me all your worry lines
Give me ups and give me downs, it don’t matter how you do
As long as you believe in me and you


It was important we convey how Egg really feels in the book through his lyrics. He has a lot of angst and insecurities and we needed to get that down and keep it true to his character. That was a big challenge but also a great deal of fun.

I wonder do any of you know what Egg is saying in the chorus “Give me all your satellites and all your stunted cigarettes”?

He gives it away in a later line. It’s all about ups and downs. Satellites are in space (up) and stunted cigarettes are butts crushed into the pavement (down). Egg is trying to say that we can go through anything as long as we stick together. The song is also subtly eluding to the fact that, just like Burt, he's in love with Bex.

It’s the first song he plays to the band and as I said before he’s a loner, is bullied and very shy. But he is musically very gifted. The moment he sings Satellites is a pivotal moment in the book. He finds his voice, literally. 

So, that’s a little of what it’s all about. You might need to read the book and listen to the music to get the full three sixty experience.