Old friends

Drifting apart from people, often really monumentally important people, is something I think about a lot. Not losing touch for any acrimonious reason just because life takes over.

With that in mind I wanted to dedicate this blog to two people who are vital, fun, dedicated, sexy and very important to my bands career. They will always be my friends.

Caffy St Luce was our manager (Officer Kicks) for years and she was the best manager any band could ever hope for. She worked as a press agent for everyone in the nineties (from Radiohead and the Manics, too Oasis and Elbow). Her lust for life and sense of fun made her a joy to be around. Her ideas to get us noticed in the early days led to lots of cool gigs and tours and gained us great contacts. Her artistic flare meant that we had the coolest backdrops on the toilet scene and our logo rocked hard.

Chris Fleetwood was our label boss. His relentless efforts and belief meant that again we were able to gain ground and do things you only dream about. Touring with big bands in distant countries, playing big festivals and getting us on the front cover of a music magazine. He really is the biggest hearted most generous man I know and it’s not just me that thinks it. All in the band feel the same and, as it happens, everyone I ever met that knows him does too. But hold tight add that to his keen nose for a deal and business acumen. It shouldn’t be a match but it is.

Anyway, I don’t suppose this blog is of much interest to people who don’t know Caffy or Chris but im not sure that matters. I guess the point is, when you meet someone fantastic and they affect your life is such a profound way that should be celebrated, even if it is only a few lines on my little blog.

It wouldn’t be a blog without a good anecdote. It relates to my books in a way. (All will be revealed in book 3). See this picture of me arsing around in a pink fluffy coat.


I stole it from Caffy, who stole it from James Dean Bradfield of the Manics-See this cover shot-


He in turn stole it from Richey Edwards RIP.

Anyway, the point is I didn’t know its history until I saw a picture of Richey Edwards wearing it online a long time after his death. When I asked her she simply said “Oh yes, it was Richey’s.” And that was the beauty of Caffy, she had all these amazing stories that she never boasted about. Like you would be at some gig and Liam Gallagher would run over and hug her and we didn’t even know they knew each other. Isn’t that refreshing?

Chris was the only label boss that attended every show we played. Enough said.

We haven’t got long on this spinning death orb so let’s try and make time for each other. Especially if you like or love them.