Literacy For Lyrics

I really can’t believe book 3 is finally out. It really feels people can finally binge on The Rock n Roll Diaries now, the music, the books. It’s a great big giant thrill for me and thank you for all the amazing and supportive comments, reviews and tweets. Have you checked the back of the book? Is your name in there?

So, you know about the books but that’s not all. You may know that I work with a leading charity called the National Literacy Trust. These guys do important work in getting the country reading - kids, teenagers and adults alike. Literacy is close to my heart - I couldn't write books or songs if I didn't understand the way words work - and the easiest way to get to grips with words is to read!

I know I am preaching to the converted here, as you obviously enjoy books, but the stats show that many of your friends don't. Over 70% of 8-11 year olds think reading is cool, but among 14-16 year olds that figure drops to only 24%. That really worries me, because not only do I Iove books I love songs too, and I want to hear new ones - but if the next potential generation of songwriters are turned off by reading they may never develop the skills to write a great lyric.

So, me, Danny, Mark, Dave Berry (off the radio) and the National Literacy Trust are launching #LiteracyForLyrics, which is a competition to find a young songwriter to help us finish a song for the fourth book in The Rock 'n' Roll Diaries, due in October. The song is called Kids of Summer and you can hear the demo on the link below. Well, you can hear most of it - your job, if you are aged between 14-18, is to write the last verse.

For those lovers of the book who aged over eighteen then there is a scene I wrote for book 1 that never made it and of course you can listen to the song.

Go check it out, and please tell your friends using #LiteracyForLyrics. Full details are on the website here: 

Thanks all. Keep reading and keep rocking!